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All trading involves risk

7 January 2022 | Updated:


News Trading

Bitcoin is highly sensitive to breaking news. The Bitcoin Aussie System takes advantage of this sensitivity by trading news-triggered volatility. Our system uses NLP algorithms to capture the many trading opportunities arising from BTC related news. The Bitcoin Aussie System news trading tool has an accuracy level of above 98%.

Price Trend Analysis

We are the experts’ best pick for the best robot for price trend analysis. The price trend analysis involves the study of historical price patterns to predict future price behaviour. Bitcoin Aussie System uses the deep learning technique to mine and analyze bitcoin price data.

Arbitrage Trading

We have recently introduced a volatility arbitrage trading feature. Volatility arbitrage trading involves capitalizing on crypto price discrepancies on different exchanges. Bitcoin Aussie System studies tens of crypto exchanges to identify arbitrage opportunities. The system trades the arbitrage opportunities at a 95% win rate.

Why Trade With Bitcoin Aussie System?

Bitcoin volatility has risen rapidly in 2022 as analysts predict a massive boom by the end of the year. Most analysts estimate that BTC will be trading past $100,000 by next year.

Bitcoin Aussie System offers the opportunity to make money from the price swings. With us, you can make money in both the price gains and losses. Bitcoin Aussie System uses advanced HFT techniques including short-selling to profit from falling prices.

We offer an affordable bitcoin trading option for all clients. You can start your BTC trading journey with us at as little as USD 250.

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1. Is Bitcoin Aussie System genuine?

Bitcoin Aussie System is genuine. You can verify our legitimacy through the information provided on this page. We have been subjected to rigorous legitimacy tests by leading experts and the general feedback is positive.

2. Can I make profits with Bitcoin Aussie System?

Bitcoin Aussie System can be super profitable. The profitability is highly likely in volatility events. You need to set the platform as directed in our trading guide to get good results out of it. Bitcoin Aussie System has many great reviews.

3. Does Bitcoin Aussie System charge registration fees?

We currently don’t charge you anything to sign up with us. However, a fee may be introduced at any time as the demand for our system continues to skyrocket. We suggest that you grab the chance and register immediately.

4. Is the Bitcoin Aussie System website safe?

We give you a 100% safety guarantee when using our trading system. We have put in place adequate tools to ensure full data privacy. Moreover, our site is encrypted to ensure that any data submitted through it is safe.

5. Does Bitcoin Aussie System charge hidden fees?

We guarantee our clients a transparent trading environment. Consequently, we have made all the fees disclosures. You will receive the fee guide via email on finding the signup. We only take a 2% commission on returns earned through our system.

6. Does Bitcoin Aussie System offer free withdrawals?

Bitcoin Aussie System supports up to ten free withdrawals every month. We allow you to make a withdrawal whenever you want. You should receive your money in your bank account in less than 2 hours of submitting the withdrawal request.

Bitcoin Aussie System Review – A Detailed Perspective!

What is Bitcoin Aussie System?

Bitcoin Aussie System is an crypto trading platform initially founded to serve the Australian market.

We launched the platform in Sydney Australia in November 2016. Bitcoin Aussie System became an online sensation within months of launch. The high popularity resulted in its superior performance in the crypto boom of

Bitcoin Aussie System made the most crypto millionaires in Australia during the boom. We decided to expand our reach to the rest of the globe after partnering with over 25 brokers across the globe. Our performance track record has always made us a viral trend in each of the countries we have entered.

Today we are available in over 80 countries most of which are in Europe and Asia. You may also trade with us in some African and Middle East countries. Bitcoin Aussie System uses algorithms for the entire crypto trading process.


Is Bitcoin Aussie System a scam?

This is a question Googled by tens of thousands of people daily. We are an internet sensation and hence it makes sense that many people are searching for information about us.

Moreover, we deliver abnormal profits and therefore most beginners are sceptical about us. However, all the proof of our legitimacy is in the public domain. We not only operate in high-level transparency but have partnered with heavily regulated brokers.

These brokers require us to observe high-level transparency in line with their regulatory requirements. Our partner brokers are monitored by tier-one regulatory bodies. These bodies audit them regularly.

Moreover, our partner brokers must segregate all deposits through tier one banks such as the National Bank of Australia (NBA) and HSBC. We rely on these brokers to handle our clients’ funds. This means that any money you deposit with us is segregated in a tier-one bank account.

Bitcoin Aussie System has amazing feedback from users on all review sites. For instance, we are rated 4.5/5 on Trustpilot after thousands of reviews. We are also reviewed by leading experts as highly profitable and easy to use. 

Lastly, we provide 24/7 customer support via email, phone, and live chat. We offer a static phone number for each of the jurisdictions of operation. Our customer support team is multilingual covering English, Spanish, German, Italian, French, and Russian.

Bitcoin Aussie System Reviews – Reputation Score!

We have a great reputation score on most independent review sites. Tens of thousands of verified users have left us reviews on sites such as Trustpilot and Reddit.

We are proud of the great name we have earned among our users. Bitcoin Aussie System is hailed by many as a money generating machine with the potential of making a fortune out of a small investment.

Bitcoin Aussie System Trustpilot

Trustpilot is a leading global independent consumer review site. The platform boasts a huge daily traffic of up to ten million. Over 5 million reviews are reportedly posted on this site every month.

Bitcoin Aussie System has amazing ratings on Trustpilot. By the time of writing this review, the platform had an overall rating of 4.6/5 after nine thousand reviews. This makes us the best BTC CFDs trading bot on this site.

Bitcoin Aussie System Reddit

We are also proud of our vibrant Reddit community. Many of our clients have joined our Reddit community.

You can go through the posts on the Bitcoin Aussie System Reddit page for direct feedback from verified clients. The posts are only accessible to registered Reddit users. You can access most of the posts on a free Reddit account.

Some of the Reddit threads are private. You need to be a fully registered Reddit Gold user to access the private Bitcoin Aussie System forums.

Bitcoin Aussie System in the Fake News?

It’s quite important we discuss the fake news targeting our trading system given the many complaints we are receiving.

Many popular trading systems have become a prime target for clones using fake news to market themselves. These clones masquerade as us to trick you into signing up with them. They mostly market themselves through clickbait headlines that link us to celebrities and top TV programs.

We have identified tens of clickbait headlines on social media and gossip platforms. There is a likelihood that you will find yourself signing up with the cloned sites if you follow the links in these posts. These clones aim to steal your personal information or get you to deposit money with their sham offshore brokers.

Avoid any posts claiming that we have been endorsed by celebrities or have appeared on top TV programs.  We have highlighted some of the notorious fake news posts targeting the Bitcoin Aussie System below.

Bitcoin Aussie System Pauline Hanson

Pauline Hanson is an Australian politician, philanthropist, and entrepreneur. She is reportedly worth over $10 million. Her net worth has reportedly shot through the roof in the last few months after investing with Bitcoin Aussie System.

While it is possible to earn insane wealth with our trading system, there is no proof that Pauline Hanson is invested in it. Pauline Hanson has never shown any interest in BTC or the Bitcoin Aussie System. Moreover, we never disclose the identity of our clients unless they choose to do so.

The Pauline Hanson Bitcoin Aussie rumours are therefore likely to be fake news. We strongly recommend that you countercheck any celebrity linked information on this page. We operate in high-level transparency and are hence ready to disclose all information on this page.

Bitcoin Aussie System David Koch

David Koch is an Australian TV star best known as a host of the Seven Network’s breakfast program. He is one of the celebrities that have criticized cryptocurrencies as an investment.

David Koch is quoted by the Daily Mail saying that cryptocurrencies are a bad investment given that they are unregulated.  Some posts allege that David Koch has changed his mind and is now supporting crypto trading through the Bitcoin Aussie System.

According to the posts, David Koch prefers trading through systems rather than buying low and selling high. But are these posts telling the truth? We have investigated these rumours and found no proof to show that Koch is interested in our trading system.

Bitcoin Aussie System Shark Tank

Shank Tank Australia was a reality TV program that aired on ABC Australia until 2018. The show is a franchise of the global Dragons Den first aired in Japan in 2001 as Money Tigers.

Shark Tank features entrepreneurs making business presentations to a panel of five angel investors. The angel investors are known as Sharks. We have come across posts claiming that we got funding of over $1 million through Shark Tank Australia back in 2016.

However, this is a lie. We launched Bitcoin Aussie System in late 2018 and have never taken any form of funding from any institutional or individual investor. We fund our day to day operations through the commissions charged on profits earned through our system.

How to use Bitcoin Aussie System?

You will find every trading step with Bitcoin Aussie System to be self-explanatory. We developed this auto-trading system to help inexperienced users make money off crypto.

Consequently, we are always working hard towards making it completely beginner-friendly. Trading with us starts at the click of a button. However, you must define the risk parameters to suit your risk appetite before going live.

Bitcoin Aussie System offers a video explaining the risk control process and a risk appetite test to help you determine the risk per trade to apply. It’s important that you watch the video carefully and test different risk parameters before starting a live session.

The Bitcoin Aussie System demo trading platform is built on the same technologies as the real-time trading platform. Moreover, it runs on actual market data to simulate real trading. This explains why the demo performance is described as strikingly close to the live trading experience.

Tips to get the best results with Bitcoin Aussie System

You can still influence the performance of Bitcoin Aussie System anytime. The tips provided below have been observed to increase this trading bot’s performance tremendously.

Take advantage of volatility events — We are a volatility trading bot and hence the higher the volatility the higher the profitability. Crypto volatility is triggered by events including breaking news. You will find a news feed and an ‘events calendar’ on our trading resources page to help you track the volatility.

Identify the best trading time zones – Not all time zones bring high crypto volatility. The New York and London time zones have been observed to bring a lot of crypto volatility. The volatility is attributed to the heavy derivatives trading on WST. You should trade between 8:00 AM to 4:00 PM on either of the time zones.

Stop trading at the end of the session – End the trading session at the end of the chosen trading time zones. Failure to end trading then can lead to rollover fees. Moreover, the markets could open worse off in the next session hence reversing the gains made during the previous trading session.

Invest what you can afford to lose – A prudent investor only invests what they can afford to forego. Starting with all your savings can lead to fear hence tempting you to end trading prematurely. Investing small gives you the peace of mind to study how the Bitcoin Aussie System responds to different market events.

Is Bitcoin Aussie System Genuine – The Verdict!

We offer a genuine and super-profitable BTC trading system. All the proof of our legitimacy can be found on this page.

Moreover, Bitcoin Aussie System has been reviewed on top crypto and mainstream sites and the feedback is great. You can find unbiased expert reviews through a simple Google search. However, we recommend extra caution when seeking information about our system on the web. There are many clones out there masquerading as our official site.

You have a golden opportunity to change your financial life by investing with us today. Bitcoin Aussie System has already helped thousands of people live their financial dream. You can give us a try today by completing the signup through the registration form above.

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